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The great Siri Hustvedt and Katharina Grosse – Great in so many ways…

Last Friday, June 5, Siri Hustvedt and Katharina Grosse discussed the topic of “Women in the Arts” at the me Collectors Room in Berlin:

More than an hour, these two great artists discussed the role of gender in literature and the fine arts – and it’s worth to watch every minute of it.

Also read Hustvedt’s outstanding novel The Blazing World (Die Gleißende Welt) or see her blogs at The New York Times and Psychology Today to read more of her fascinating work. Also visit Grosse’s website or see her exhibition “The Smoking Kid” at Galerie Johann König in Berlin until June 21.

Grosse and Hustvedt were invited in the context of the exhibition Queensize which will be on display at the me Collectors Room until August 30. If you miss(ed) it, take a virtual tour with the curator Nicola Graef:

So engage in Hustvedt’s and Grosse’s work and listen to what they have to say.

For more information on Katharina Grosse, please visit artsy.